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October is the perfect month to check off last-minute landscaping items from your to-do list. Just because the weather is cooling down doesn’t mean it’s time to give up on your garden or landscape! There are plenty of essential tasks required to ensure trees and shrubs are prepared to weather the winter months ahead. Combined…

As we pack up our grills and winterize our home for the upcoming months, it’s also so important to prioritize the health of your landscape. While our Plant Health Care (PHC) program is a year-round effort, fall serves as a pivotal time to ensure trees and shrubs are cared for properly, preparing them to be…

Did you know that you can create (or enhance) your garden to naturally fight pests? Diversifying your landscape with more plant species can enhance the environment and attract pollinators that serve as natural ‘enemies’ to common garden pests. Below are four ways to diversify your garden and enable natural enemies that will protect your gardens…

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With accreditations by ISA, the Tree Care Industry Association, and an impressive roster of master arborists and ISA-certified tree care professionals, Emerald is the most accredited company of its kind in New York and Connecticut.

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