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Why you should hire an arborist

Trees grow just fine without our intervention. That’s why it’s normal for a homeowner to think, “Why should I hire an arborist?” This type of thinking can get homeowners in a huge heap of trouble. Although trees don’t require regular maintenance to grow, they cause all types of damage to their surrounding environment when they’re left unmaintained.

  • Unmaintained trees are at a significantly higher risk of pest infestation and fungi infections. Fungi, insects, and other pests prefer attacking weak and neglected trees. It doesn’t take much time for insects and diseases to spread from one tree to several nearby trees.
  • Trees don’t have to be pest-ridden or diseased to negatively affect their surrounding environment. Trees that grow wild without any limits damage the spaces around them. Pruning or removing trees with such unchecked growth is key to sustaining a landscape..
  • Unmaintained trees pull excess nutrients from the soil because their growth is uninhibited. Maintaining tree healthies key to maintaining the pool of essential nutrients in the soil.
  • Neglected trees grow large limbs to compete for sunlight. They take over all the resources of the surrounding trees that are in the early stages of their development.

The health, appearance, and safetyof your landscape depend on how well you maintain your trees. When the season of wild weather is upon us (hurricanes, hailstorms, thunderstorms, etc.), unmaintained trees become even bigger threats.

Even a microburst of wind can send the dead branches of unmaintained trees crashing onto your property. If the trees drop into the overhead electrical lines on your property, you can face lawsuits from your neighbors.

These are the reasons why not hiring an arboristis a very bad idea. Without strategic pruning and maintenance, it’s impossible to maintain tree or plant health. Anyone with trees/plants on their property must choose an arborist to start working on plant care and maintenance.

Arborists are professionals who specialize in plant health care. These experts understand how to plant, maintain, and grow a variety of different plant and tree species. From tree pruning and trimming to mulching and stump removal – these professionals provide a variety of services.

Here’s why you should hire an arborist to maintain your landscape –

Guarantee the Long-Term Health of Your Trees and Plants

It’s no secret that well-maintained trees grow healthier and live much longer. A tree care professional will perform various tasks to keep all of your trees/plants in great shape. These tasks or processes include –

  • Performing strategic pruning. Arborists determine what type of pruning is necessary to maintain/improve the health, appearance, and safety of your plants and trees.
  • They remove any branches that rub or get knotted with each other.
  • Arborists get rid of the tree limbs that interfere with other structures on the property (gutters, roofs, chimneys, etc.).
  • They make sure the trees and plants don’t obstruct the streets or sidewalks surrounding your property.
  • They convert dead or weak limbs of trees into organic fertilizer. Many homeowners leave them to decay and attract pests.
  • They eliminate all disease or pest-infested branches, leaves, etc., on trees. This step ensures that the disease/pests don’t spread to surrounding trees.
  • Arborists may also rearrange the trees in your garden to ensure they don’t resist winds during storms. The weight of storm damageis significantly lesser when trees don’t resist heavy winds.
  • Arborists also remove thin branches of certain trees to ensure every plant in the garden receives sufficient amounts of sunlight.

By taking these steps, arborists ensure that your trees remain in great shape, even during storms.

Property Upgrade

Regular tree trimming is key to reducing the further riskof damage during heavy storms. Arborists protect their clients’ properties from the risk of falling tree limbs crashing onto their properties. Regular pruning and thinning also improve the property's curb appeal.

Proactive Steps

Waiting for a wayward branch or a low-hanging limb to crash onto your window is not a good strategy. Neither is waiting for diseases and pests to strike your plants and trees. Plant healthcareis all about being proactive.

You should never wait for issues to arise before doing something about them. Yes, an arborist can transform or “save” your garden even after serious pest attacks or weather-related incidents.

But, it’s much better to have professional tree healthexperts on your team before these incidents happen. Arborists can identify problems with plants and trees long before they become serious issues.

By addressing these issues proactively, they save their clients a lot of money and hassle. More importantly, their proactive services protect the trees from damage/death. Under a professional arborist’s supervision, no tree will suffer from serious diseases or insect damage.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is typically the last option that arborists consider. Tree removal must always be performed in a safe manner while reducingthe risk of collateral property damage.

Professional arborists use the latest equipment and latest techniques in arboriculture to safely remove trees when they are –

  • Dead or dying
  • Considered an immediate hazard to surrounding properties or individuals
  • Creating obstructions that are impossible to eliminate through pruning or cutting
  • On the verge of causing serious harm to surrounding trees
  • Halting construction projects

Emergency Care

When you hire an arborist, you have someone to call for immediate expert assistance during tree-related emergencies. When storms cause branches or entire trees to land on important structures (electricity lines, homes, etc.), they pose huge risks.

If you try to remove or trim these trees, you may make matters much worse. The best thing to do in emergency tree removal situations is to stay clear and keep passersby clear as well. Contact your emergency tree careexpert as soon as possible.

If there’s a damaged powerline, also inform your local utility providers. But, call professional arborists to assess and mitigate the situation first. These professionals use the latest techniques in arboricultureto safely remove storm-damaged trees.

Final Take

These are the reasons why you need to choose an ISA-certified arborist that specializes in Plant Health Care (PHC). These experts will perform preventive maintenance to keep your trees free from insects, disease, and weather-related issues.

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