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beech leaf disease
Beech leaf disease (BLD) affects and kills both native and ornamental beech tree species. It is associated with a nematode, Litylenchus crenatae mccannii. The disease was first discovered in Ohio in 2012. Neighboring infections currently exist in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Ontario, Canada.

How To Identify Beech Leaf Disease

  • Striping - bands of thickened, dark green tissue between the leaf veins.
  • Distorted, puckered or curled leaves.
  • Leaf symptoms that are visible from leaf out until fall, best seen by looking up into the canopy.
  • Some branches may be affected while others are not.
  • Reduced leaf and bud production and possible leaf loss as disease progresses.

What You Can Do About It

Keep your landscape green! Contact Emerald Tree & Shrub today for preventative care against Beech Leaf Disease. If you see any of the symptoms above please contact us immediately for a consultation.

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