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Benefits of Professional Lawn Care Services

Who doesn’t like a lush green lawn?

Lawns are one of the most popularly grown crops in the US.

They make millions of homes across the country look beautiful. However, to attain this beauty, homeowners have to put in a lot of work.

Irrigating, mowing, aerating, fertilizing, and regularly getting rid of weeds and pests – are all difficult and time consuming tasks. Some homeowners can afford to spend so much time caring for their lawns. But, for many homeowners, getting professional lawn care services is the only option. A good lawn care company will save your time and provide you with peace of mind. Their weekly, monthly, or seasonal services will keep your lawn healthy, attractive, and pest-free. Here are some other benefits of professional lawn care services -

Cost-Effective Services

For many homeowners, hiring professional lawn care services is out of the question because of one key reason – costs. Why spend money on services that you can perform on your own, right? Wrong. Here’s how –

  • To properly take care of your lawn, you’ll need the right equipment, chemicals, and various other products.
  • A professional lawn care service provider will come fully equipped to your yard. These professionals know what types of lawn treatments work on what types of yards. They help their clients avoid wasting money on ineffective or useless products.
  • Due to your inexperience, you may cause damage to your lawn while trying to maintain it. When you have professionals maintaining your lawn, these risks aren’t present.

For many homeowners, hiring professional lawn or yard care experts makes more sense than undertaking these expenses. According to HomeAdvisor, on average, homeowners pay anywhere between $48 and $211 for professional lawn and care services.

The costs of lawn services in your area can depend on various factors. For instance, geography plays a factor in these costs. Lawns in warm, humid climates require frequent maintenance. So, the average lawn care service fees can vary in those regions.

Here are some other factors that affect the costs of professional lawn maintenance services –

  • Lawn Size: Bigger the lawn, the bigger the costs. Lawn care companies typically charge by the hour. However, larger properties don’t need weekly or monthly cleaning. The maintenance experts can trim down trees/shrubs on a seasonal or monthly basis and keep the yard clean.
  • Labor: Costs of lawn care services increase when more manpower is required for the job.
  • Lawn Features: Trees, fences, and other structures on the lawn may complicate the work. If mowing your lawn or trimming your trees involves such additional obstacles, the lawn care company may charge extra.
  • Grass Length: Different types of grass grow at different rates. If the grass in your yard grows quickly, it will need regular cutting.
  • The Extent of Service: The types of lawn care services you receive will directly impact your overall costs. For example, some homeowners need services like dethatching and weed control every spring. Others ask their lawn care experts to regularly water and fertilize their plants. The more lawn care services you need, the higher the fees.

Sounds expensive, right? Don’t worry. The leading providers of professional lawn care services always offer discounts to customers who sign long-term contracts.
These companies encourage new property owners to receive scheduled maintenance services at discount rates.

Homeowners that prepay for the season get even more discounts. In the long run, these types of arrangements turn out to be extremely cost-effective for property owners.

No-Risk of Property Damage

Inexperienced hands can cause expensive and irreversible damage to your lawn. Lawn care and grounds-keeping are complex processes involving various delicate steps. Lawn care experts have to measure every step they take. They know one misstep can ruin the yard’s existing ecosystem.

When you perform lawn maintenance or hire inexperienced people to care for your lawn, maintaining such precision is difficult. Professional yard care service providers receive a lot of training to learn the right lawn maintenance techniques.

Ever Improving Curb Appeal

Your property’s curb appeal is key to its overall appearance, especially if you’re running a business. A healthy lawn will make your business location appear more welcoming, whereas a dirty, unkempt lawn will drive customers away. That’s why business owners must invest in commercial lawn care services.

These experts not only preserve the yard’s beauty and appeal but also improve on those qualities. From mowing your lawn daily to planting new flowers –
they do everything to enhance your lawn’s appearance and health.

Keep Diseases at Bay

If your property experiences heavy rain/snowfall, your lawn may be home to dangerous fungi. For instance, snow mold is a fungus that thrives in dirty, unmaintained lawns. There are two types of snow mold - Typha Blight and Fusarium Patch.

Both can cause immense damage to lawns, especially if left unchecked for long periods. The Fusarium patch is the most dangerous as it kills almost all grass inside the yard. Here are some other lawn diseases homeowners should be wary of –

  • Summer patch lawn disease
  • Rust lawn disease
  • Dollar spot lawn disease
  • Red thread lawn disease
  • Gray leaf spot lawn disease
  • Pythium lawn disease
  • Leaf spot lawn disease
  • Brown patch lawn disease

One of the main benefits of professional lawn care services is that you get to keep these diseases at bay. Lawn care experts perform extensive lawn treatments to get rid of these diseases. They also teach property owners techniques to avoid these fungal diseases.

Lawn Care Consultation

A top lawn care service provider will teach you how to take care of your precious lawn. They’ll teach you techniques to keep your lawn in optimal health at all times. Here are some techniques these professionals teach homeowners –

  • Your lawn should be watered as early in the morning as possible so that it has a full day to dry. If the grass dries up quickly, right after water, there’s less chance of it developing fungus.
  • Ragged, uncut grass leaves are more susceptible to developing fungal diseases. To avoid this risk, make sharp, clean cuts in your grass using extra-sharp mower blades.

These are the major benefits of receiving professional lawn care services. If you want your yard to enjoy these benefits, contact the best lawn care company in your locality now. Even better – call Emerald Tree & Shrub Care! We provide extensive lawn care services to thousands of property owners across the country

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