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Arborists Are Trained To Diagnose Plant Illnesses

Walk around your property at any given time and chances are you will probably notice some dead branches, brown spots in bushes, bare spots where leaves dropped too early, white mildew or if you look super close you may see insects that have made themselves a nice little home on your precious greens.  Are these all symptoms you should be concerned about? Not necessarily, but it would be wise to call an arborist that is trained at identifying the underlying cause of these problems.  For instance, the bugs could be completely harmless, or, they could be spider mites that will slowly increase their presence and suck the life out of your hedge's leaves and eventually, cause them to stop growing.

Early Detection & Environmentally Safe Remedies Are Key

Now we have to ask, how often are you walking your property and looking closely? We mean really closely, to check for these symptoms? Our guess is maybe once or twice a summer... if that.  Unfortunately, if the plant problem goes undetected for some time, often times the issue cannot be fixed and removal is the only option. The key to keeping your trees and shrubs healthy and vital is ongoing monitoring and prevention.  In fact, these are the two main objectives to our Plant Health Care Program. By remaining ahead of the problem, we are able to rely on nontoxic and organic treatments, some of which include:

  • Insecticidal Soaps
  • Beneficial Nematodes
  • Soil Drenches and Injections
  • Aerification of Compacted soils
  • Hand Pruning of Nests or Localized Infestations
  • Mauget Systemic Injection Systems
  • Custom Blended Deep Root Liquid Fertilization

A Holistic Plan That's Designed Specifically For You

Since every property is different, and the needs of plants vary, it's impossible to devise a "one size fits all" Plant Health Care Plan. Instead, we rely on a detailed inventory of your property's elements and a strong working relationship with the property owner to understand the comprehensive needs of your yard.  Below are the promises we make to all of our loyal Plant Health Care Customers:

  1. Initial property inspection to determine baseline needs and any immediate problems that need to be remedied.
  2. A thorough write up with our recommended Plant Health Care treatment plan. This includes how often we will visit your property (anywhere between 2-6 times a year), what plants we will prioritize, what treatments we will administer and approximate dates when you can expect our crew to visit you.
  3. We will also propose any additional recommended actions that we feel will benefit your property (ie. tree fertilizations, tick and mosquito prevention plan or tree trimming, bracing, cabling or removal).
  4. Once our arborist and the property owner have an agreed on plan, it is our mission to monitor, detect and treat your plants and shrubs to the best of our capability. We consider it our duty to protect your precious greens from insects, diseases and anything else that may effect their health.

Scalable Programs For Every Budget

Many people ask us, "Well what does a Plant Health Care program cost?" The only commonality among all plans is the goal, to keep the property safe and healthy.  Beyond that, one plan may be as simple as a couple of annual visits to check on and feed two trees.  Alternatively, another plan might involve monthly inspections and treatment of every tree and shrub on the property.  As your partner, we want to help you make informed decisions that address the highest level concerns of your property.  With that being said, the complexity of your program will depend entirely on how much you, the property owner, is willing to invest.  We are here to protect your property no matter what size, shape or variety.

For more info on Emerald Tree and Shrub Care please call us at 914-725-0441.

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Steve Farrelly

As a lifelong Westchester resident, Steve Farrelly serves as the founder and President of Emerald Tree and Shrub Care Company. As an avid sportsman who enjoys fishing, swimming and more, he was inspired to start Emerald after witnessing various irresponsible acts taking place throughout the Long Island Sound.

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