Protect the health of your family and landscaping with our conventional and environmentally safe insect control treatments.

ORGANIC Tick and Mosquito Control: To combat insect-borne diseases and viruses like Lyme, West Nile, Powassan and Zika in our own backyards, Emerald offers safe and effective mosquito and tick protection programs. The two most active ingredients in our tick & mosquito treatment are Cedar Oil & Phenethyl Propionate (found in peanuts!) These ingredients are completely safe for children, pets, plants and other wildlife. It's recommended that the treatment be reapplied every 30-60 days depending on how severe the bug infestation is. However, it's not just yard spray we do, our crew of technicians take the following steps to ensure your yard is pest-free:

  1. Property inspection and identification of any standing water, where mosquito populations thrive.
  2. Treat planting beds and shrubs with the client’s preference of an organic or conventional insecticide for adult ticks, mosquitoes and larvae.
  3. Treat the lawn area with a powerful tick and mosquito repellent spray.

Deer Repellent: We help protect your property’s valuable plantings from deer browsing during the winter season by strategically placing temporary fencing and applying deer resistant materials to the foliage.

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Mosquitoes and ticks begin to emerge when the temperature rises above 70 degrees. For residents that will be using their backyards frequently, monthly tick and mosquito spray treatments between April to October are recommended for maximum protection.


Lyme disease is a bacterial infection caused by tick bites. One in five ticks carry Lyme with 95,000+ cases confirmed in New York State since 1986. Untreated, Lyme can cause significant health issues. The New York State Department of Health has also determined that the number of other tick-borne diseases found in New York State are increasing. In fact this year, there is a new virus to be on the lookout for. Powassan Virus, while more rare than Lyme disease, spreads extremely rapidly attacking the central nervous system and causing harmful effects such as disability and in some cases death. Our all-natural organic tick spray for your yard will help keep ticks away, call today to schedule a treatment 914-725-0441.


West Nile virus and Eastern equine encephalitis is transmitted to humans and animals through a mosquito bite. While these diseases are somewhat rare, they are serious as there is no specific treatment and 1/3 of cases result in death. In recent months the Zika virus, also thought to be carried by mosquitoes, is spreading to the United States.