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Mosquitoes are a common sight in the New York area during the summer months. While many view them as annoying pests, they pose significant health risks to humans and animals. In this article, we'll explore five surprising mosquito facts that highlight their dangers and the importance of mosquito control measures.

1. Mosquitoes can transmit diseases.

The ability of mosquitoes to spread disease is one of the most unexpected aspects of their existence. Mosquitoes are known to spread several illnesses, such as the Zika virus, the West Nile virus, and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE). These disorders can bring multiple symptoms, ranging from minor flu-like signs to severe neurological damage or death. More human fatalities are caused by mosquitoes than any other species on Earth, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

2. The feeding habits of various mosquito species vary.

Mosquitoes do not all consume human blood. There are more than 3,000 different mosquito species worldwide, and each has a particular host that it prefers. While some species favor mammals, others favor birds. The Aedes mosquito species, which enjoys feeding on people, is the most prevalent in the New York region.

3. Specific smells can attract mosquitoes.

Ever notice how certain people seem more conducive to mosquitoes than others? This can be because of the smells they produce. Mosquitoes are drawn to other fragrances in sweat, such as lactic acid, octenol, and carbon dioxide, which we exhale when breathing. This explains why people who work out or exercise outside typically attract more mosquitoes. Understanding this attraction and taking precautions against mosquitoes is crucial, especially during the prime mosquito season.

4. Our breath attracts mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are drawn to human breath because it contains carbon dioxide. Mosquitoes are able to sense carbon dioxide and recognize when humans are near by. Each person emits different amounts of carbon dioxide, which can impact how easily mosquitoes sense each person. Unfortunately, there is little a person can do to lessen the amount of carbon dioxide they exhale.

5. Only female mosquitoes bite.

Contrary to popular belief, only female mosquitoes bite. While male mosquitoes consume nectar, female mosquitoes require the protein in the blood to create their eggs. Because of this, female mosquitoes are the ones that spread disease to people and other animals.

Wrapping Up

These five surprising mosquito facts highlight their dangers and the importance of mosquito control measures. To protect yourself and your loved ones from these pests, reducing mosquito populations around your property, such as eliminating standing water, using mosquito repellent, and seeking professional mosquito control services like Emerald Tree Care, is essential.

A licensed arborist will visit your property for a free consultation, all of our applications are safe for people and pets, and most importantly, all our services are backed by the Emerald Guarantee. We employ an integrated strategy for managing mosquitoes (IMM). IMM uses various techniques to prevent and control mosquitoes which are a nuisance, and insects that transmit diseases. We can help diminish mosquito populations before humans become sick from a virus that mosquitoes spread. Make an appointment today!

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