As a full-service tree service and shrub care company, Emerald Tree & Shrub Care Company is proud to offer a complete range of services to keep your landscape in top condition and flourishing for years to come.

Our highly-skilled and accredited team has been providing expert tree care and property management services to residential and commercial landscapes in Westchester County NY, Fairfield County CT, and surrounding areas since 1996.

Here’s our list of services:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service: In an emergency situation, you need more than “fair weather friends.” We understand the stress and anxiety our clients experience during foul weather and the property damage that can accompany it. Our certified tree care professionals will respond immediately to restore your property as quickly as possible.
  • Property Analysis: Our ISA-certified arborists perform thorough property inspections twice annually as part of our commitment to keep our clients informed and their valuable trees and shrubs in excellent condition.
  • Tree Pruning: Most deciduous trees build up a significant amount of dead, weak, diseased or damaged branches over a period of time. Maintenance pruning is the process of eliminating these branches while enhancing the overall growth and characteristics of trees.Maintenance pruning is an essential component to any successful property management program. If left unchecked, dead, weak, diseased, or damaged branches can bring about greater problems such as personal or property damage, insect infestations, or tree failure.
  • Yearly Hand Pruning (Spring, Summer, Fall): Yearly hand pruning improves the overall health, vigor and longevity of your plantings by micromanaging the growth process. In addition to proper bud development, hand pruning encourages air and sunlight to penetrate the interiors of your plantings and allows for the sprouting of adventitious budding that will develop into dominant branches (these branches can “take over” when it becomes necessary to remove larger undesirable branches in the future).
  • Maintenance Pruning: Maintenance pruning is the process of eliminating dead, weak, diseased or damaged branches from an ornamental tree or shrub to enhance its overall growth pattern and characteristics. This aspect of property management is an essential preventative against pests and disease and helps to maintain or restore the health of your woody plants.
  • Developmental Pruning: Developmental pruning is the process of directing, training or enhancing growing patterns of ornamental trees or shrubs. Developmental pruning improves the overall health and beauty of your plantings by improving sap flow, eliminating weak or sub dominant branches that could be problematic in the future, and allowing for future desirable growth that improves air circulation within the plants.
  • Cable Bracing Systems: Tree bracing is a non-invasive means to maintain the structural integrity of trees. The practice includes the use of braided wire cables that are threaded through rods to assist in supporting large limbs.
  • Consulting: Wood Density Hazard Tree Analysis: Trees suspected of being weak or dangerous can be analyzed for probable risk of failure using wood core samples. Samples are extracted using highly specialized equipment and are examined to determine if there are soft, rotten or hollow areas within the main trunk.
  • Tree Removal: Occasionally, tree removal becomes the only solution to a given problem; whether it is a dead, weak or diseased tree that poses a threat to a property, or a new project that will cause irreparable damage to a tree’s root system sometimes removal is the only option.
  • Stump Grinding: This is the process of grinding and routing out an existing tree stump and buttress roots 6-8 inches below grade. Once the stump has been ground we will back fill the hole with the grindings to ensure no one is injured by tripping or falling into the area where the stump once was.

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