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"A mature tree can often have an appraised value of between $1,000 and $10,000." - Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers

Here at Emerald Tree & Shrub Care, we always urge customers to think twice before removing a tree.  Our main concern is preserving the environmental and ecological benefits that trees provide, but there really is no arguing with the fact that mature trees increase the value of your home.

While a well kept lawn and flower beds certainly catch your eye and look pretty, potential homebuyers want a backyard that feels private.  Mature trees are a wonderful way to make a property feel more secluded and quiet.  Picture a corner lot that borders against two noisy streets, an eye sore of traffic and increased pollution.  Now imagine a row of mature trees acting as a visual screen while blocking a good amount of noise and improving the air quality.  An outdoor space that could have caused irritation and angst is now an outdoor sanctuary, an extension of your living space.

Another huge benefit to mature trees is the shade they provide.  Homebuyers will recognize mature trees as a way to save on their electric bill.  In fact, on the hottest day of summer, some might say a 30 foot Oak Tree on the East Side of your home is utterly priceless.  A strategically placed tree can cut down your electricity bill up to 30%.  Mature trees can also provide shelter from heavy winds in winter months, reducing the amount of energy your heating system uses.

According to Pat Vredevoogd Combs of the National Association of realtors:

Well-landscaped yards with mature trees and bushes that provide privacy not only fetch higher prices -- they sell more quickly than houses with little or no landscaping, she said, noting that they provide the ultimate "curb appeal" by impressing buyers before they even walk into a house.

There are however, some instances when mature trees can hurt your property value and cause it to sit on the market.  One example is when they have not been properly placed and are impeding with the actual home or another necessary structure such as a fence, driveway or garage.  We have seen countless trees that are planted too close to a sidewalk or driveway, and as they grow vertically, their roots are not given the proper space to expand.  Two potential risks can occur 1) The tree will continue to grow vertically, but without the proper root strength, it will become top heavy and potentially fall and cause costly damage.  2) the roots will forge their way and cause rippling, cracking and crumbling of the pavement.  This is why it is very important to consult a certified arborist before selecting and planting trees on your property.   A plant site analysis is easy to schedule and can save you lots of headaches down the line, call us today at 914-725-0441.



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Steve Farrelly

As a lifelong Westchester resident, Steve Farrelly serves as the founder and President of Emerald Tree and Shrub Care Company. As an avid sportsman who enjoys fishing, swimming and more, he was inspired to start Emerald after witnessing various irresponsible acts taking place throughout the Long Island Sound.

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