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Pruning plants and trees is a complex task that many people are under-rate. They avoid getting professional tree trimming services, thinking they can take care of their plants independently. Typically, most folks can handle small scissors and cutting tools. Some can even cut shrubs into clean shapes. But, no untrained landscaper can make their plants…

Blooming roses, budding lilac shrubs, ripening tomatoes – a small landscape in your backyard can provide many gifts, especially during summer. But, landscape owners also have to face some of the downsides of summer, mainly tropical showers and thunderstorms. Various parts of North America will experience “above-normal hurricane seasons” in 2022. What can landscapers do…

I couldn't be happier with their services. They are very professional, prompt, polite, and clean up extremely well. I highly recommend them.Roy R.
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With accreditations by ISA, the Tree Care Industry Association, and an impressive roster of master arborists and ISA-certified tree care professionals, Emerald is the most accredited company of its kind in New York and Connecticut.

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