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Stump Grinding

This is the process of grinding and routing out an existing tree stump and buttress roots 6-8 inches below grade. Once the stump has been ground we will back fill the hole with the grindings to ensure no one is injured by tripping or falling into the area where the stump once was.

Reasons to Grind Stumps

Protect against diseases and pests. Tree stumps could harbor pests or diseases. Removing the stump can prevent the spread of these nuisances from spreading over to healthy trees in the vicinity

Environmental benefits. Leaving a stump to rot or decay could mean introducing unwanted elements onto your property, such as disease

Improve visual appeal. Removing stumps can instantly improve the look and property value of your landscape. Tree stumps can also take up unnecessary space on properties that can be utilized for other purposes.

Avoid accidents. A stump-related accident could cost property owners a lot of money, especially if someone is hurt on your property. Removing stumps can prevent trip hazards, or damage to mowing equipment if you accidentally hit one

Dodge stump sprouting. Stumps that are left behind can quickly begin to sprout and regrow. Grinding stumps can ensure that this doesn’t happen, as both the stump and the roots below are removed so regrowth isn’t an issue. This eliminates the chance for sprouting and saves money in the long run.

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