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Pruning can influence your trees, shrubs and landscape. When performed by an ISA-Certified Arborist, trees and shrubs will reap many benefits from pruning services, such as preserved strength, enhanced beauty, long-lasting health, and more.

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Benefits of Pruning

Safety. Pruning can keep low-hanging branches, hazardous limbs, or unhealthy trees from becoming dangers to your family and property.

Health. Removing away infested or dying branches prevents diseases or pests from harming healthier parts of a tree or shrub. Pruning can save a plantings’ life.

Growth. Pruning can help stimulate new growth or suppress unwanted growth. Removing unwanted sections of a planting can also help promote healthier, heartier blooms during the warmer months.

Aesthetic Enhancements. Healthy, happy plantings not only save the life of a tree, but a pruned landscape can enhance the natural beauty of a space, maintain privacy and enhance property value

Pruning Services

At Emerald, we provide our clients with various pruning services, including:

Tree Pruning

Most deciduous trees build up a significant amount of dead, weak, diseased or damaged branches over a period of time. Maintenance pruning is the process of eliminating these branches while enhancing the overall growth and characteristics of trees. Maintenance pruning is an essential component to any successful property management program. If left unchecked, dead, weak, diseased, or damaged branches can bring about greater problems such as personal or property damage, insect infestations, or tree failure.

Yearly Hand Pruning

Yearly hand pruning improves the overall health, vigor and longevity of your plantings by micromanaging the growth process. In addition to proper bud development, hand pruning encourages air and sunlight to penetrate the interiors of your plantings and allows for the sprouting of adventitious budding that will develop into dominant branches (these branches can “take over” when it becomes necessary to remove larger undesirable branches in the future). Yearly hand pruning takes place throughout the spring, summer and fall

Maintenance Pruning

Maintenance pruning is the process of eliminating dead, weak, diseased or damaged branches from an ornamental tree or shrub to enhance its overall growth pattern and characteristics. This aspect of property management is an essential preventative against pests and disease and helps to maintain or restore the health of your woody plants.

Developmental Pruning

Developmental pruning is the process of directing, training or enhancing growing patterns of ornamental trees or shrubs. Developmental pruning improves the overall health and beauty of your plantings by improving sap flow, eliminating weak or sub dominant branches that could be problematic in the future, and allowing for future desirable growth that improves air circulation within the plants.

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They hire skilled arborists and are trustworthy and reliable. They come several times a year to maintain our trees and shrubs and they always look fantastic. Moira P.
Committed to the Highest Level of Care

With accreditations by ISA, the Tree Care Industry Association, and an impressive roster of master arborists and ISA-certified tree care professionals, Emerald is the most accredited company of its kind in New York and Connecticut.

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